most chubby chasers are also really into telling fat women how stupid and disgusting they think we are, loves it

Notice how “I’ve been jerking off to bbw porn since I was 13” becomes “you only exist to turn me on.” that’s what porn does to people. That’s what happens when a prepubescent boy is exposed to violent, fetishizing, dehumanizing imagery and told “this is what sex is.”




so, just in case y’all think that fat fetishization isn’t a big deal, or just in case you think that fatphobia doesn’t exist

fat fetishization of fat girls is often linked to sexism. this is proof of that. notice how i did nothing to to provoke this guy. he went on this tirade for close to a half hour while i said nothing. he just kept going.

"you get defensive"

"turn me on so I can fuck you"

"I’ll go on a rant about how I want to fuck you because you’re fat, but know that you’re also a piece of shit who’s going to die"

LIKE HOW IS THAT NOT THE DIRECT RESULT OF FETISHIZM? He admitting to want to have sex, but only because he thinks of fat women as lesser. That’s scary as fuck.

Nah brah she’s not the one who got defensive. Someone made you look in a mirror and it scared the shit out of you.

This guy really does show what people who fetishize fat people think of us. We are purely objects to them and disconnected from any sense of humanity or personhood.

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First thing to happen to me today is a cute girl saying “I’m feeling that outfit, you look so freaking adorable” so IM GOOD

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head of a woman with the horns of a ram (gérôme), mexican model andrea carrazco

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Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2009


Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2009

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Egon Schiele, Girl in a plaid shirt (Mädchen in karierter Bluse), 1911


Egon Schiele, Girl in a plaid shirt (Mädchen in karierter Bluse), 1911

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if you identify as a chubby chaser, a fat admirer or if you have a fat fetish blog and you follow me i s2g i’m gonna find where you live and send you just huge garbage bags full of worms every day for the rest of your life until they overtake you and eat you and you turn into compost and finally become something useful to this earth

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this-many-boyfriends it’s been one year & we’ll see a lot more together, i love you, that’s the only thing i know

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